Client Comments

“Shauna is an EXCELLENT piano teacher. She is well organized, has regular planned events during the year, and works with the strengths of each student. Shauna has a great way of connecting with students and can get them to understand the theory and techniques they need to master, plus she has fun programs and challenges throughout the year. We are very pleased to have Shauna as our daughter’s teacher.” (M.G.)

​“Shauna is an energetic and skilled piano teacher. She is knowledgeable and comfortable teaching music from a variety of eras. She is serious about improving her students’ musical skills but maintains a laid-back attitude. She improved my practice techniques and helped me become a better performer. Although I took lessons from her as a teenager, I can tell she is particularly good with younger kids.” (P.M.)

“Shauna Leavitt is an extremely talented and experienced piano teacher. Since being with Shauna, my daughter (age 10) has come leaps and bounds in her skill level, playing in several area competitions and scoring superior ratings. Shauna knows just how to challenge her students, while also fostering a real love and appreciation for playing and performing. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Can’t recommend her highly enough!” (S.C.)

“Shauna is a wonderful teacher and has really helped my daughter to grow and advance quickly playing the piano.” (G.N.)

​“Shauna is an understanding teacher. I am a junior in high school with a busy schedule. She works with me but doesn’t push me to unrealistic expectations. I like how she is able to break down a piece and help me find patterns in the music to help me work through it faster and easier. She is very personable and easy to talk to. She makes music fun and enjoyable because I am able to make suggestions for pieces I am interested in playing. I love Shauna as my teacher.” (A.L.)

“Shauna connects with each of my children at their differing levels and chooses music that they are interested in playing. My girls have really enjoyed her as their teacher and they have progressed to new levels under her tutelage.” (C.L.)

“Thank you for being such an excellent teacher. Your kindness, your friendly nature have created a comfort zone for the boys that the other things have just fallen into the right place and made this incredible thing happen.” (R.J.)

​”After my teenage son’s piano teacher moved to another state, we needed to find another teacher. Shauna’s teaching style seemed to fit with my son’s abilities. She knows how to make learning piano fun and challenging!” (C.S.)

“Shauna is an absolutely wonderful teacher! She is warm, supportive and encouraging. We loved all the fun opportunities to perform and always looked forward to lessons.” (KN, WE and TE)