Tuition and Fees


When students enroll, they are reserving their placement in the studio for the entire school year (September – June). Tuition is charged monthly for the student’s whole course of music study, payable in 10 monthly installments from September through June.

Registration Fee:

An annual registration fee of $90 is due July 1, 2020 to cover the costs of recital venue, tuning, studio lending library and incentive rewards/programs. Other optional events offered throughout the year have additional registration fees (Springfield Music Festival, Baroque Festival, Holiday Concert, etc.) Student materials and music are not included in this fee. Spring Festival and Keyboard Gymnastics is no longer included in the registration fee.


Tuition is based upon enrollment for 34 weeks of private instruction (September – June), Two studio recitals, and one studio performance class. The monthly tuition for  2019/2020 is $135 for 30-minute lessons and $190 for 45-minute lessons. Tuition is nonrefundable. Payment for piano lessons is due in full whether the student attends each scheduled lesson or not. Each student is scheduled for a specific weekly time slot. Your payment reserves that time slot. Student materials and music are not included in this fee.

Payment Due Date/Late Fee: 

You will receive an invoice via email prior to the due date on the 1st of each month.  You can pay via credit card, bank card, or There is a late fee of $10.00 for each week payment is past due. Please include the late fee with your late payment.

What Else Tuition Covers: 
  • Tuition covers not only the contact time spent with the student, but also the time spent in preparation for the student.
  • An individualized plan for the student’s course of study
  • Development of teaching materials
  • Recitals, including preparation of programs and refreshments
  • Professional organization memberships to enhance teaching skills and provide students with opportunities for competitions, exams, and festivals
  • Piano tuning and repairs
  • Continuing education